Classic – The Entertainer Piano Sheet Music

The Entertainer is a popular jazz standard composed by Scott Joplin in 1902. It is one of his most famous compositions and was recorded as early as 1917, first by Sylvester Weaver in Chicago on May 16, 1918, for Gennett Records and by pianist Tom Turpin at least twice before the end of that year (September 17 and October 1, both also in Chicago). The piece was recorded a number of times in the 1920s, notably by Dan Kildare (Victor 21395) and James P. Johnson (Okeh 4022 and Brunswick 02986-B).

Left hand: Right Hand:      Fingerings are standardized on the 3rd and 4th fingers (pinky) of each hand. The notes should be played legato – there is no staccato accentuation in “The Entertainer”.

JOPLIN SCOTT THE ENTERTAINER PIANO SHEET MUSIC PDF       The melody often extends higher than written, and improvising above the staff is common practice. The first 8 measures are repeated until there is a change of key (the C7 chord at measure 26). The piece returns to the original key from measure 33 for another 8-bar strain starting on F, followed by a repeat of the verse in G minor. In the final 6 measures, there is a brief reprise of the opening theme (except in C minor) and the piece ends with a 4-bar flourish.

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