Chrono Trigger – Zeal Palace Piano Sheet Music

The Chrono Trigger: Zeal Palace (トリガー ・ 加速度の王国 ( チンターマニアクス ) Torigā: Kōsoku no Ōkoku (Cintā Maniakusu) in the Japanese version) is a location in Chrono Trigger that can be reached by way of a warp portal in Death Peak. It is the first time that Chrono and his party see Zeal at night, as well as being there for the first time without Schala. The area is quite different from the rest of Zeal, being slightly brighter with no Prophet guards to be seen around there.

As Chrono and his team make their way through the Palace, they come across treacherous terrain. Three separate sections of the palace are accessible; Subterranean Lake (The Black Omen), Enhasa (mist-filled city) and Kajar (the Enlightened Village).

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