Chrono Trigger – Silent Light Piano Sheet Music

Silent Light is a piece composed by Chrono Trigger composer Yasunori Mitsuda for the game’s soundtrack. It plays in Chrono and Marle’s home when Chrono and Marle are in their house. The song has an emotional impact on Crono and Marle, when Chrono asks her to be his girlfriend.

The piece has 5 parts, with the first part using only Chrono’s piano , the rest uses Chrono’s piano combined with guitar, harp, bells and strings.

The Chrono Trigger – Silent Light Piano Sheet Music is written in five staves. The leftmost staff has all of Chrono’s notes in it. The next two staves have Marle’s and Lucca’s notes. The rightmost two staves have both Chrono and Lucca’s notes in them, which is exactly the same as Chrono and Marle’s. The top staff has all of Chrono’s notes from playing the piano, while the bottom staff has Chrono playing a little bit of trumpet. Chrono and Lucca’s bars are in black notes, while Marle and Chrono’s are in white. Here is the Chrono Trigger – Silent Light Piano Sheet Music:

Chrono Trigger – S ilent Light Piano Sheet Music ______________________________ | ___________________________________ | _________ | __________________ | _________ | ___________ | | | Chrono Chrono Chrono Chrono Marle Chrono Marle Lucca

_ _ _ _ _ _ _________________ Note: All Marle and Chrono bars are in white notes. The rest of the bars are in black notes.

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