Christmas – Gesù Bambino Piano Sheet Music

Gesù Bambino Christmas piano sheet music is an arrangement of the Christmas carol that was originally in English. The Christmas carol is in Latin, Italian and French. A version translated into Spanish by Juan C. Aburto was included for this arrangement of Gesù Bambino Christmas sheet music .

The Christmas piano sheet music can be played by anyone, but is primarily intended for Christmas church services. The Christmas song lyrics are from the King James Version of the Bible’s Christmas story in Luke 2:10-14.

The original Christmas story tells about Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem so that Mary could give birth to Jesus. They had no place to stay and were forced to use a manger or feeding trough as their bed.

The Christmas piano solo and the Christmas sheet music for other instruments, such as choir and orchestra, tell about the angel of God who visited shepherds in Bethlehem. The Christmas carol is performed by choirs all over the world during Christmas church services.

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