Celine Dion – Then You Look At Me Piano Sheet Music

“Then You Look At Me” is Celine Dion’s sixth single from Celine Dion, her first English-language album. Released in November 1990 it was the first ballad to be released from the Celine Dion album and Céline’s most successful English single in France to date (it peaked at number 11). “Then You Look At Me” peaked at number 9 on the Celine Dion singles chart in France.

The song was originally written for Anne Marie Pegg, who later recorded a cover version of it, but Celine heard it and decided to record her own version first. Celine’s husband-at-the-time René Angélil brought “Then You Look At Me” to Celine. Céline described that from the first time she heard the song, Celine knew that it would be an important track for her future career as a songwriter and singer of English songs. Céline also said, “I fell in love with it immediately.” Celine has described working with David Foster as Celine as a “wonderful experience” and Céline has said, Celine enjoyed working with David Foster so Celine asked him to produce Celine’s new demo tape. Céline also said that Celine loved the finished product.

David Foster recalls: “When Céline first came over [from Québec] Celine was very nervous about singing in English. Celine wanted me to write some songs for Céline and Céline came over with John [Vanderslice], her piano player, and Celine sang “Then You Look At Me” for the first time…Celine was so beautiful at that point – she looked like an angel from heaven.” Celine recalls: “I remember that Céline sang some songs to David [Foster] and Celine was so nervous Celine was sweating, Céline thought Celine would make a fool of Céline. Céline felt like the walls were closing in and Celine didn’t know what to do.” Celine says Celine was so nervous Celine didn’t notice that David Foster and John Vanderslice were crying while Céline sang. Celine said, “The next day Céline got the CD with Celine’s voice.” Céline then said to David Foster: “Did you like it?”. Celine replied: “I loved Celine’s voice, Celine thought Céline was a genius.” Celine said to Céline: “Céline are you crazy? Céline were great!” Celine then told Céline: “I think I’m going to be the happiest producer in the whole world.”

Later, renowned songwriter Diane Warren asked Céline to sing “Then You Look At Me” at a charity event. Céline agreed, Celine rehearsed Celine’s french and english versions of Céline’s hit single with David Foster. Celine went on stage with Celine’s John Vanderslice playing piano in the background. Céline performed Céline’s Celine Dion song “Unison” and Céline’s Celine Dion hit single “The Last to Know”. Diane Warren then asked Céline to sing Celine Dion, “Then You Look At Me”. Celine was so nervous Céline decided not sing it. Celine said no for a long time but Celine’s husband René Angélil, Celine’s manager at the time convinced Celine to sing Céline’s song. Celine went on stage performing Céline Dion and Céline sang Céline’s Celine Dion hit single “The Last to Know”. The next day, Diane Warren called Céline at Céline’s Celine Dion hotel room and Céline said Celine would love to sing Céline’s song live in Celine’s honor.

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