Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic) Piano Sheet Music

 The Banjo-Kazooie franchise has been a staple of the Nintendo universe for years, and it’s easily recognizable soundtracks have only helped to make the fandom its own.  One such piece is Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic).  Due to its cutesy nature it’s often abused in comic dubs, but it’s catchy melodies have also made it a favorite of video game cover artists.  Today we’ll be taking a look at Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic), and help you understand the basics behind reading piano sheet music.

The above image is one of Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic)’s piano sheet music, and will be referenced throughout this article.  Take a quick glance to familiarize yourself with where we’re going.

Musical Structure

Let’s first go over Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic)’s musical structure.  The above image is Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic)’s musical staff, which shows the basic layout of how notes are written.  Here we can see that Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic) is in the key of D Major, meaning it uses the notes D, E, F♯, G, A, B.  For those unfamiliar with musical notation Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic)’s staff would look like the first five lines of this image .

We can also see that Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic) is in 4/4 time, meaning that there are four beats per measure.  Each beat is represented by one quarter note, which can be seen on Banjo-Kazooie – Mad Monster Mansion (Aquatic)’s staff as solid black circles.

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