Aria – Koi To Wa Donna Mono Piano Sheet Music

Aria – Koi To Wa Donna Mono Piano Sheet Music

Aria is one of the most well known names in music game history, with many fans across the world. Aria (known as Aria Company outside Japan) is a Japanese interactive entertainment company owned by Sega Sammy Holdings. Aria has created games for various platforms since its inception in 1986. Aria is famous for its arcade game, IIDX -Style Dance platform, created by its subsidiary company Rittor Music Entertainment Co., Ltd. Aria Co. has grown to become a world top music game developer and publisher with the release of its first video game title, Disco Densetsu (Disney’s Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Minnie in Japan-see at the bottom for The Disney Company’s name change) Nes, released on September 13, 1991. Aria has also produced other video game titles such as , Beatmania (id.), Pop’n Music (id.) and ReflecBeat (id.) Aria Co. was founded by Katsumi Yokota, the current CEO. Aria Co.’s parent company is Sega Sammy Holdings, Inc (known as Sammy Corporation until 2001). Aria Co. has its head office in Tokyo and subsidiaries in New York City (U.S.) and London (U.K.). Aria’s video game titles are not limited to music based games only. Aria has released titles in many genres including action, sports, puzzle and even mobile gaming. Aria Co.’s video game titles are mainly targeted to the Japanese market, however Aria Co.

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