Anouk – Sacrifice Piano Sheet Music

Anouk has gained a lot of popularity and made her way to stardom by means of the release of her hit song ” One Word “. Anouk is a Dutch musician, singer and songwriter. Anouk’s music can be classified as either contemporary R&B or Alternative Pop/Rock (Wikipedia). Anouk also had success with the release of a remix version of ” One Word “, which features Dutch rappers Lange Frans & Baas B. Anouk, however, made her impact with the release of her hit song ” Sacrifice “. Anouk released the single ” Sacrifice ” on June 21st 2012 as a gift to all Anouk fans waiting for Anouk’s new album. Anouk’s album, for which she released the track ” Sacrifice “, is titled ” Sad Singalong Songs “. Anouk’s new album was not actually planned for release until mid-2013 ( Anouk Official Site ). Anouk and her fans were very pleased with her decision to give them a treat; Anouk gave everyone a taste of what the upcoming album has to offer. Anouk, being a beloved Dutch musician with international success, has brought us this lovely piano sheet music arrangement of Anouk’s hit song Sacrifice.

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