Animal Crossing: New Leaf – K.K. Stroll (Aircheck) Piano Sheet Music

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  is the Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo 3DS. Animal Crossings are games where you take on the role of mayor, take care of living things like plants and insects, fish, catch bugs, get presents from visitors to your town or sell animal products to make bells. Animal Crossing is just one example of a video game released in Animal Crossing

K.K. Stroll is a song that plays on the radio in Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing has many different songs that are played throughout the town on specific days of the week. These songs are called Air Checks. Animal Crossings most common radio station is K. K. Cruisin’. This song was written by Animal Crossing composer Kazumi Totaka. Animal Crossing has come out with more music since the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Animal Crossings most recent game is Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer which had a Animal Crossing K.K. Slider sing songs for them as well

Animal Crossings official site can be found here , Animal Crossings Animal Crossing: New Leaf Animal was released on November 8, 2012. Animal Crossings Animal Crossing K.K. Stroll song was originally found here

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