Alicia Keys – Diary Piano Sheet Music

The Alicia Keys – Diary Piano Sheet Music is one of the most popular Alicia Sheets on our website. It has been viewed more than 35,000 times! Alicia Keys’ music transcends across multiple genres and appeals to a wide range of people and Alicia is one of the most beloved female musicians. Alicia Keys Piano Sheet Music Alicia Keys’ Alicia Keys’ music transcends across multiple genres and appeals to a wide range of people. Alicia is one of the most beloved female musicians in the world. Alicia’s music is timeless and has a quality that allows people to listen to Alicia Keys’ music for years. Alicia was born on January 25, 1981 in New York City and her father was an African American musician named Craig Cook who worked with Greek music and sang professionally around the city. Alicia’s mother is from South Africa but she grew up in Barbados. Alicia was influenced by both cultures which has made Alicia’s music unique. Alicia began piano lessons when she was seven years old and Alicia would practice for hours everyday. Alicia has said how much she enjoyed practicing and it is obvious that her hard work has paid off because of Alicia Keys’ musical success. Alicia attended Professional Performing Arts School which is located in Manhattan where Alicia attended public school. Alicia began writing poetry at a young age and Alicia has said how Alicia met her songwriter partner Damon Elliott who was one of Alicia’s teachers. Alicia began playing the tin whistle when Alicia was 16 years old as well as guitar and drums. Alicia took up dancing lessons from an instructor named Katherine Dunham who was famous for her unique style of dancing. Alicia began to perform with Alicia’s mother and Alicia’s father who used a name called The Shandelles. Alicia became popular in the local area because she had an amazing voice which some people compared Alicia to Minnie Riperton who is one of Alicia’s idols.

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