Advance Wars – Eagle’s Theme Piano Sheet Music

” Advance Wars” is a series of military-themed turn based strategy video games made by Intelligent Systems, the company also famous for Fire Emblem. Advance Wars takes place in an alternate universe where “Black Hole,” an evil empire, has invaded and conquered most of the world. The countries that still stand are fighting against Black Hole’s forces with their own armies of soldiers and other units. Advance Wars centers around the battles fought between The Blue Moon’s Orange Star army, Jake’s Samurais, Olaf’s Vikings, Nell’s House of Dolls, Flak’s Cannon Base; as well as the Orange Star High School forces: Andy and his Rangers, Max and his Hammers/Blacksmiths, and Sami with her Recons. Advance Wars is famous for its deep game-play and complex story line that many gamers have come to enjoy.

” Advance Wars – Eagle’s Theme Piano Sheet Music “

Eagle’s Theme is the theme song of Advance Wars’ antagonist, Sturm. It was made by Intelligent Systems and is heard in the Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising opening movie.

In Advance Wars, Eagle’s Theme appears as the background music for Chapter 5: Sturm ‘s Advance of Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike during Sturm ‘s cutscenes.

Eagle’s theme has an ominous feel to it. It is written in the key of G# minor, and it is 142 beats per minute. The song begins with a gruff sounding orchestra which then leads into an epic string melody that plays throughout most of the piece, along with many other string instruments playing either a bridge or accompaniment melody. These melodies play out against each other until the chorus begins, where the string melodies become more prominent. The choir also comes in as a background accompaniment which plays a theme against the melody of the other strings. After several verses and choruses, the piece slowly fades out with many little nuances as it goes until it is silent.

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