Ace Of Base – Lucky Love Piano Sheet Music

Ace of Base Lucky Love Sheet Music (PDF, 600 KB) Ace of Base is one of the most successful pop music groups ever. Ace Of Base consists of three Swedish musicians: Ulf Ekberg, Jonas Berggren and Malin Berggren, who got together in ’89. Ace Of Base had four consecutive albums at No 1 in the international music charts during a period of five years. Ace Of Base’ s debut album was named Happy Nation and in it there were songs that became Ace Of Base signature pieces: “Wheel of Fortune”, “Happy Nation”, “All That She Wants”, and the mega hit “Don’t Turn Around”. In 1993 Ace Of Base released their second album, The Bridge. Ace Of Base built their success mainly in Europe and Asia , but in Latin America they are considered as one of the best-selling groups ever. Ace Of Base were the first non-English speaking band to chart in Spanish speaking countries, including Mexico . Ace Of Base songs have entered music charts all over the world including Japan , where Ace Of Base has numerous number one hits. Ace Of Base was the first Western band to have success in post-Soviet Russia , where they remain extremely popular. Ace Of Base are still performing after more than 20 years of their debut album release, and are currently on tour throughout Europe . Ace Of Base songs are used frequently as ringtones, which is a great honor for any pop group. Ace Of Base songs are loved and enjoyed by people of all ages in many countries around the world including Poland , Hungary , Russia , France , Spain , The Netherlands, Belgium , Sweden and Israel .

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